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A racist insult used by blacks against white people that seemingly isn't wrong, yet it is illegal for us to defend ourselves and call them darkies or nigger. Racism against whites is racism just the same, people. Get some common sense. If black people think they are the shit like they're better than everyone else, they are mistaken.
No one is fuckin better than anyone they are equal, until your actions or reputation lowers your social status and respect, of course.
Synonym: Honkey
Antonym: Nigger
by Damyankee November 06, 2004
The shortened name of the fake robot played by Eric Cartman on South Park: The Awesomo 4000. This involved Eric assembling two big boxes, a blinking red light, and a false speaker and set of robotic eyes, along with the name across the "chest". This was in an attempt to get personal secrets out of Butters, the pathetic-sounding blonde kid.
Some of Cartman's Awesomo 4000 quotes:
-Awesomo does not understand.
-Awesomo will answer the door.
-Awesomo must rest his CPU!
-I am the Awesomo 4000.
-No asswipe! Get me down from here!
-Adam Sandler falls in love with a girl, but she turns out to be..a golden retriever.....or something.
-Suck my balls, Kyle.
-G**Dammit! I've got to find that videotape!
by Damyankee March 27, 2005
1.) The brutal dictator who ruled Iraq for over two full decades. He was notorious for horribly abusing, goring, and punishing his people when they DARED to have an opinion like normal human beings. He usually had his henchmen carry out these terrible deeds, as he was too cowardly to do it himself.
2.) The demented, evil, asshole-of-a homosexual boyfriend of Satan on the infamous cartoon South Park.
3.) The guy who has posted some really messed-up, sick, but HILARIOUS stories on www.Joke-Pages.com. If you have a twisted and/or sick sense of humor, then I highly recommend these jokes for you.
As Saddam had some of his henchmen gouge the protestor's eyes out, he gave it hard to his gay boyfriend Satan, right after he posted another weird confusing story on Joke-pages.com
by Damyankee October 25, 2004
A great, old-fashioned candy that has been around since 1892. Made in Salt Lake City, Utah, this chewy candy consists of flavors that include licorice, peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, rum, orange and cream, and blue raspberry. I love this wonderful candy, and you can find it in many grocery stores, including Meijer's, and it is also made in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where it is also a speciality item.
Saltwater Taffy is prone to causing cavities and other dental problems, but they can be avoided. The best way to eat saltwater taffy and evade tooth decay and cavities is to suck on it until it gets smaller and easier to chomp on. Chew a few times and then swallow it.
by Damyankee March 16, 2005
a town in the Richmond Metropolitan Area in Virginia. A suburb of Richmond, and apparently a bad place to be by the negative things that people say about it. Anyways, Mechanicsville was the site of a small Civil War battle that occurred between the divisions of Confederate Major General A.P. Hill and Union General George G. Meade and portions of other divisions. It was a battle fought during a week-long series of battles known as the "Seven Days' Campaign". A Union victory resulted because of the successful defense backed by the Yankees who had a lot of artillery (big guns with explosive ammunition) and because of terrain advantages: they were on the bank of a creek, had some forest cover, all while the Southerners had to go down the western creek bank where this town was located about a mile from and go through the creek and slight swamps while under heavy fire.
Mechanicsville was one of the five or so battles of the Seven Days Campaign during early summer of 1862 that allowed General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia to save Richmond, and the war effort.
by Damyankee March 27, 2005
A short nickname for Democrats. The left-wing or left-center voters of the Democratic Party. Usually vote for the Liberal candidates that run for Congress and the Presidency.
Don't say anything about John Kerry; there's a group of Dems over there.
by Damyankee March 27, 2005
Fuck Liberals! They suck AIDS-infected homo balls!
That's a fact, Jack!
by damyankee April 17, 2005
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