a friend, pal, or co-worker
I'm going to catch up with my maeves during lunch today at the Olive Garden.
by neenzbeanz August 06, 2011
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awsum 2 communicate with, and is stunningly beautiful
That chik is a maeve
Answer: Wow, she is 1 fukn awsum chik
by Chr!$ August 26, 2008
A sweet hearted caring person; who loves people and their flaws. A big music junkie, knows all the bands composers, etc. Everyone loves her, she lightens the room when she walks in. Amazing kisser; and very affectionate. Beautiful, sexy, smart, happy, music junkie, sporty, amazing girl.
wow, maeve is one hot babe;
yea i know!
by WE WE WE WE April 25, 2009
maeve is an artistic, creative, beautiful girl. gets what she wants. every guy loves her. she has tons of friends and adores music. she suceeds at everything she does and is extremly talented.
guy 1: ugh i hate jack
guy 2: why? he's so cool
guy 1: cuz he gets to date maeve and i don't
by urbangurlie February 11, 2012
One who is always using words such as awesome, gangster, and ninja, because that is what they are. Also known as wonderful, pretty, hot, amazing, and outstanding
"That girl is such a Maeve" "You know it! She is sooo hot!"
by chessal April 12, 2010
A sweet, lovely girl. Can be a bit annoying at times, but once she's your friend, she'll stand up for you everywhere. One of those people who hugs you when they see you crying. Just wants to play.
"V, why are you crying? Oh it doesn't matter..." *hugs*
"Thanks Maeve"
by proudsistergirl December 18, 2012
maeve is one the most sensitive people you will ever meet. She will always see the other side of the argument and you can count on her for anything. One of the sweetest and wisest people you ever meet. She understands people like no one else and will always like you for who you are.
Friend : maeve,,, I need help...

Maeve : aww what is it??? Tell me, I'll help in any way I can.
by marsbar3099 July 05, 2013

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