sexy girl with beautiful brown eyes to match her brown hair.she love fun and more.if you have a maeve in your life try your best to keep her happy. she is a GREAT kisser and anyone would love to talk to her. boys love her. she isnt always skinny put her personality makes up for it.
Boy: Did you see that girl? shes HOT
other boy: Duh shes a maeve
#cool #sexy #hot #sex #happy
by maeve637 August 12, 2014
a friend, pal, or co-worker
I'm going to catch up with my maeves during lunch today at the Olive Garden.
#mate #chum #amigo #associate #pal #friend #co-worker
by neenzbeanz August 06, 2011
She is one of the best people you'll ever meet though at times you want to punch her in the face she'll always have your back so stick with her you'll find how loyal she can be because when you laugh she laughs when you cry and most of all when you need someone to comfort you she'll be there
Girl 1 : I'm dying I can't believe he'd do that
Maeve : listen if he did something like that then he doesn't deserve you babe
#megan #love #friendship #loyalty #mavrick
by meg_meg_potato May 06, 2015
Verb: when a girl exerts a huge amount of force onto an object, usually in sports;whether the object stays in play in irrelevant

Noun: an act committed when a girl exerts a huge amount of force on an object, usually in sports; whether the ball stays in is irrelevant
Girl 1: *serves ball in line drive over net*
Girl 2: she totally maeved it!
Girl 3: I know! It was amazing!

Girl 1: * kicks ball from net toward the other end of field*
Crowd: * watches as ball flies over field and lands out of bounds near net on the other sign of field*
Announcer: What a Maeve!
Fans: whoohoo!
#maeve #sports #maev #meadgh #mebh #volleyball #soccer #meeve #mauve #maive #meadghb #meabdgh #meabgh
by Feisgirl900 November 04, 2011
A late night booty call
"Well I was bored the other night so I called Maeve."
#booty #call #mave #night #sex
by <3raxton June 17, 2008
a baboon like creature, female
guy: hey! Look there's a monkey!!
girl: No thats not a monkey , its a Maeve


Child: Can we feed the baboons??
Zookeeper: Yes, but don't feed the maeves
#baboon #monkey #meabh #meadbh #irish
by dooor March 07, 2011
one who is pale

ghost like; albino

One with translucent skin and red eyes.
"HEY MAEVE! keep it down in there...your 12,000 brothers and sisters are trying to sleep in that lab, too."
by Jack December 27, 2004
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