When a man sticks his penis into a ducks mouth forcing to quack wildly.
Johnny don't look.
Why Mommy?
That man is Maeghaning that poor duck.
by kyl!e July 10, 2008
Top Definition
fun, outgoing, caring, wild, loves to have a good time with great friends
The party started when Maeghan walked in
by mmmmmmhhh February 11, 2010
A secret communist. Usually a girl, but can be a guy on occasion, either way, they are extremely weird.
Maeghan: I'm not a communist!

-This means (s)he is a communist-
by jhonnyDDD May 22, 2012
To use tweezers to rip a mans body hair one by one.
Usually a long, painful process.
Hey Beatrice you see that man over there.

Yes Noah, he sure is in for a life scaring maeghan.
by Caitlynnn// July 05, 2008
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