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verb. To have your penis slip out during sex and accidentally insert it into the anus.
Guy 1: How was the sex last night?
Guy 2: It was awesome until I accidentally gave her the midnight surprise, then she ran out crying.
by theaLyssavirus May 13, 2009
The violent flailing and terror that occurs when a person has just walked through a spider web.
I saw this guy do the spider dance when he walked by that spidery bush.
by thealyssavirus November 08, 2013
The most legendary force on internet chatrooms, as well as the most popular person on the internet, far surpassing the drawing power of tubgirl. She can be found on reddit drunk chats, sporting her sexy bangs and red lipstick. One should note that upon encountering a person with awesomeness of this magnitude to remember that Madz is the coolest bitch he or she will ever meet.
I met Madz on a Reddit chat, I think I'm in love.
by theaLyssavirus January 29, 2011

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