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A girl who is obviously unique by the way her name is spelled. Usually beautiful, really outgoing, super funny and the life of the party. People envy her.
Why cant I be a Madisyn?! :" "Cause your ugly and boring.
by ayyyyyyyyeguuuuuurl December 16, 2010
Person of extreme ninja power ranger qualities. Normally referred to as 'tie dye'.

A quite abnormal child of which you will probably think is insane when you first meet it.

Enjoys hookerization time as well as squiggle time...
wooowww whatta madisynnn
by Pinkfluff Y. Unicorn January 27, 2011
3. Bangin
4. Wanted
5.good friends
6. Good with tongue
7. Good with hands (;
8. Sexy
10.part animal
Dominic: oh my god !did you see madisyn ?
Bobby: yes! I'd tap that
by I'd tap that December 09, 2013

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