One of the fakest people you'll ever meet. Madeleine is most likely to be very curvy and dye her hair so often you can't tell the original colour, she'll seem like the funnest person ever when you first meet her but along the road you'll realize she's a backstabbing whore, Madeleine has pretty blue eyes and chubby cheeks, she always wears a pushup bra, has good taste in clothes but bad taste in fashion, swimsuits, and horrid drawing skills that she herself is proud of, she plays multiple instruments but mainly the piano, she likes to write songs but none of them are very decent, she gets a lot of guys but is only interested in ugly ones, she considers them to somehow be sexy, voted most likely to be caught at a young age making out with ugly boys in closets, also voted most likely to be caught sexting another ugly boy by her religious parents, will have lots of dramatic stories to tell about lost friends and she bemoans the stories so often you hate them(Don't worry, eventually you'll be one of her stories), she is extremely manipulative and will choose much younger friends to force her opinion on them, basically the worst frenemy you'll ever make.
Girl 1: Omg it's her... Remember what she did?
Girl 2: Yeah that whore totally hated me and tried to turn a couple of my friends against me
Girl 3: Yeah I was there for the whole thing, now she goes around telling people about us.
Girl 1: Hate her.
Girl 2: She's such a Madeleine.
by OmgcoolestTever November 18, 2012
Top Definition
Slender blond with perfect features.
Most likely the woman you will fall in love with. Her beauty is enough to throw you into a deep depression if rejected. She could make the most depressed person happy with just a glimpse of her beauty. She respects herself and others. Will never cheat and should never be cheated on.
I will forever love my Madeleine.
by IluvsMaddy November 07, 2010
the best person EVER
"yeah... your cool... but not as cool as madeleine"
by her biggest fan March 04, 2004
Quite possibly THE coolest person ever. In fact, deffinalty, the coolest and best person ever.
Wow, Madeleine sure is amazing
by Not_daddy March 08, 2005
Madeleine is my lovah...she is one of the sweetest person I have ever met...she doesn't beat around the bush and she always makes you feel special. Madeleine likes everyone and everyone loves her...if Madeleine doesn't like someone, you know that person is bad news.
Who wants to be my Madeleine tonight?
by Charmine April 16, 2004
A girl who is asboluely amazing, incredible smart, and just drop dead beautiful...
"Aw man I'm so jelous I wish my girlfriend was Madeleine!"
by May 31, 2009
1. A girl who is amazing gorgeous, usually pale skinned with dark hair and eyes, she looks like a model.
2. A girl who is fun to be around
3. The girl who everyone loves to hate & hates to love, that's why she's a legend.
4. A girl with an awesome rack.
5. The girl all the boys secretly love.
Whoa... Look at her, she's a vision... No, she's Madeleine.

As she looks in the mirror in the morning she notices her eyes sparkle green more then usual, her hair is silky and dark as the night sky.
by Lover of HER April 16, 2008
an amazing person with a sense of humour.
usually dark haired tall and slender with big lips,
always willing to help.
is creative and loves to cook.

majority of the time attracts creeps,but otherwise males of the name of sam.
ohh man i wish i had that madeleine.

hey you have a madeleine body!
by gossipgirl12345 April 22, 2009
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