a small creature to be dipped in tea -Marcel Proust
a loud female person
by dunsinane woods December 11, 2004
One of the fakest people you'll ever meet. Madeleine is most likely to be very curvy and dye her hair so often you can't tell the original colour, she'll seem like the funnest person ever when you first meet her but along the road you'll realize she's a backstabbing whore, Madeleine has pretty blue eyes and chubby cheeks, she always wears a pushup bra, has good taste in clothes but bad taste in fashion, swimsuits, and horrid drawing skills that she herself is proud of, she plays multiple instruments but mainly the piano, she likes to write songs but none of them are very decent, she gets a lot of guys but is only interested in ugly ones, she considers them to somehow be sexy, voted most likely to be caught at a young age making out with ugly boys in closets, also voted most likely to be caught sexting another ugly boy by her religious parents, will have lots of dramatic stories to tell about lost friends and she bemoans the stories so often you hate them(Don't worry, eventually you'll be one of her stories), she is extremely manipulative and will choose much younger friends to force her opinion on them, basically the worst frenemy you'll ever make.
Girl 1: Omg it's her... Remember what she did?
Girl 2: Yeah that whore totally hated me and tried to turn a couple of my friends against me
Girl 3: Yeah I was there for the whole thing, now she goes around telling people about us.
Girl 1: Hate her.
Girl 2: She's such a Madeleine.
#bitch #slut #whore #loser #fake #madeleine
by OmgcoolestTever November 18, 2012
A person who is always madly inlove with scorpios,most likely named Ashton.

Madeleines are not very clean people and always have freckles.

Madeleines are always stunningly beautiful but very pale.

Madeleines' best friends are always Annas.

"Don't pull a Madeleine and have a crush on Ashton!"

"OMG,I'm turning Madeleine!Look at all my freckles!"

"My god I'm as hot as a Madeleine!"
#madeline #maddie #poo #hot #sexy #ashton
by Anna the Great December 12, 2007
Madeleine rose anderson, the most idiotic person i have ever met.
me: stfu
madeleine: gaurfgndfgnru
#maddy #madeleine #rose #anderson #andersen #flower
by Geniussss July 03, 2009
stupid person who should leave binoy alone
MADELEINE (cnt say last name), idiot, mean, showoff
#idiot #stupid #crazy #mean #hate
the word for hole
get out of madeleine
by steven March 31, 2004
someone that is tubby.
"Look at me i am so tubby!"
by Madd February 09, 2005
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