The wrong way to spell Madeline
Person 1: So, how do you spell your name?
Person 2: Oh, M-a-d-e-l-e-i-n. Madelein.
Person 1: .....No. You're wrong.
by maddiewrites September 25, 2008
Top Definition
A crazy outgoing girl that can be one of the guys, a straight up triple o g, pullin a taio cruz on the daily, pimping out ho's like it's no ones business, always be sippin on that Mascato, && swaggin.
Other girls: Uh, look at that girl thinking she all that and a piece of cake

Madelein: I don't know why you're hating from outside the club, you can't even get in. Leggo. I'ma yellow model chick, yellow bottle sippin....
by Black and Yellow M&M June 24, 2011
A beautiful girl with a beautiful name, better than the basic Madeleine, she is a badass she can get away with anything, She can multi-task, she is the bomb. Everyone wants to be or be with her.
Girl 1: look it's Madelein!

Girl 2: Omg Im so jelly, look how fast those guys came to her.
Guy 1: I am in love already and I just looked at her
by taiocruzondaily June 09, 2015
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