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1. Telling somebody that you cooked your boyfriend/male friend a steak.

2. To mess up by accident

3. To incorrectly cook or screw up a steak dinner.
*(saying 'MADE-A-MISTAKE' fast, sounds like 'MADE-HIM-A-STEAK')<

1. Carmen: "Ey Girl! What the hell'd you do for your boyfriend this Valentine's Day?" Vivian: "Oh! He hasn't told you yet... I made-a-mistake.

2. God must have made-a-mistake when he created the creature that is you!

3. By turning up the oven to a scorching 575°F I made-a-mistake and ruined my boyfriends' Valentine's dinner.

*Misteak= the noun version.
by XxT$MON3Y->M. July 21, 2008
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