The type of girl you can goofle because of:

1. her corckiness

2. her happiness (how i see you)
3. her honesty
4. how she cares how others feel
5. her humor
6. her seriousness, yet your still fun
7. her trustfulness
8. her talent to sing
9. how i feel when i talk to her

10. her eyes, delicate and blue, (she doesn't need a mood ring)
11. how she reacts to what happens to her

12. how she tries to understand people's ways
13. her intelligence
14. how she doesn't care about popularity
15. her kindness
16. her openness
17. how stubborn she is sometimes, she stands up for what you believe in
18. how she cares about your friends
19. how she loves her family (how close she is to them) (at least from what it sounds like)
20. her bravery
21. how she want to understand what i tell her
22. how close she is to friends
23. how random she can be sometimes
24. how she's not afraid to speak her mind (at least with me)
25. how my message didn't change our friendship (it didn't get worse)
26. how she need a list to show her why i would goofle her

27. how she will talk about anything

28. how she doesn't lie
29. how she tries not to curse
30. what she finds funny
31. how immature she is, yet she can still be mature
32. how words are just pathetic tries to describe someone as amazing as her
Maddie is a great girl who is very goofleable
by Robert Besler December 26, 2009
an awesome person who you should get ot know. good friend. can be hyper at times.
maddie was bouncing off the walls.
by jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjm January 07, 2010
Maddie is usually a very very beautiful girl. She is usually sweet, caring, loveable and hard not to think about.
Can't stop staring, she must be maddie
by Hullyjimbo April 13, 2013
An amazing friend who will always be there for you. She's super nice and caring and sweet. She's very intelligent and loves to read. She has her own problems but that's okay because they don't get in the way of her caring about you as much as you care about her. Maddie is beautiful and has blue eyes and brown hair. You'll want to be friends with maddie forever and most likely will be. Maddie is hilarious and out going and absolutely fun to be around but when you first meet her she may come off as shy.
Girl: Do you know Maddie?
Guy: The quiet one?
Girl: Well sort of?
Guy: Oh yeah her. She's so pretty and nice.
by hermanek October 14, 2012
Maddie is usually a girl, with sparkling blue eyes and blonde shiny hair. She is brilliantly smart, and can not be fooled that easily. Boys are secretly lining up for her but she is waiting for the perfect one to arrive. Her eye lashes are long and curly, and her skin is flawless. She goes for the natural look, which draws boys in even more. Maddie's have a dashing smile and an amazing laugh that can make anyone smile!!! Maddie's hate falling out with people, and tend to be nice to everyone. Do not get on the wrong side of Maddie because she can have a firey temper, but will only use it when necessary. The way for boys to get on the good side of Maddie's are to hug them, smile at them and DO NOT EVER ignore them, because that will make them feel awkward. Text her using flirty comments and she will do it back. But if you are mean to her she will be mean back. Simple as. Maddie's are sexy, seductive, smart and always smiling! Maddie's will keep calm throughout erotic occasions and love it when boys tease them. They are great kissers and amazing at hugs. Girls if you know a Maddie she will be the bestest friend you can ever imagine, she is funny, loyal and is very good at keeping promises and secrets. Boys if you know a Maddie she will like the confidence you have to talk to her and will love it if you do things just for her and text her when she leasts expects it. The way to woo a Maddie is to hug her tightly and kiss her on the forehead.
Guy 1: Dude I just kissed a Maddie!!!
Guy 2: OMGGGG you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is soooo fit!!!!!
by Maddie's Best Friend April 21, 2013
Funny awesome girl EVER!Very pretty kinda nice and gentle,also VERY hot!!She pwns ALL!
Maddie is really HOT!!!
by austin09874 February 17, 2010
The weirdest girl ever. She's clumsy yet hot, shy, but when with friends extremely loud, really vulgar but super classy, and hates being called her full name.
Dude, what's up with that Maddie chick?

I don't know but I like her.
by Just Another Human January 06, 2014
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