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The football game following Madden 2004. The game added the new "hit-stick" feature and you only have to pay $50 for this great new game!
"Wow I just spent $50 in hopes that Madden 2005 would introduce something more then a new way to "hit" someone."
by Salchite December 09, 2004
note: see Madden 2004,Madden 2003,Madden 2002 and Madden 2001. A football game published by EA Sports. Madden 2005 is also a way of stealing fifty bucks from the consumer, offering only marginal "improvements" over last year's marginal "improvement" of Madden 2003.
A "hit-stick" and slightly updated rosters does not make Madden 2005 the future of gaming.
by Ghst August 18, 2004
1. EA's true source of income

2. A yearly football game

3. A crappy game that offers nothing to the consumer except for roster updated and a soundtrack change.
Dude! I just got that Madden 2005! It has more songs than the last one
by Dreyfal Hyatt December 23, 2004
The greatest football game of all time.
Madden 2005 is a much better game then ESPN 2K5.
by Phat Beatz September 06, 2004
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