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A rap group for white people who don't like rap.
First Bill Cosby, now this shit. The Black Eyed Peas sold out, now they need to die out.
by Ghst December 31, 2005
Underage females that usually attract older men twice their age. They say they shave, but in reality, they have yet to hit puberty.
Big Steve loves him some jailbait. His one girlfriend graduated... from the 8th grade!
by Ghst September 12, 2004
Although known as a city in the state of California, the city is light years away from Earth. The smog, traffic, overpopulation, corrupt cops, elitist rich, hostile poor and Holly-weird freaks make Los Angeles the haven where many souls come to die. This place is a pretty postcard gone terribly wrong.
How could hell be any worse? And yes, I live here.
by Ghst July 27, 2005
note: see Madden 2004,Madden 2003,Madden 2002 and Madden 2001. A football game published by EA Sports. Madden 2005 is also a way of stealing fifty bucks from the consumer, offering only marginal "improvements" over last year's marginal "improvement" of Madden 2003.
A "hit-stick" and slightly updated rosters does not make Madden 2005 the future of gaming.
by Ghst August 18, 2004
The capital of California. We now have a retard, Nazi Governor doing business there. Also known for excessive use of the word hella, being a "cow town" and having some dank herb.
I was born in Sacramento. I should've stayed, because Los Angeles is a place of moral decline.
by Ghst October 03, 2004
A director with an ego bigger than both his forehead and chin combined. Usually throws together 2 hours of all of his favorite cinema in-jokes and pop culture references onto film and calls it a "movie".
"Quentin Tarantino is a god!"- Quentin Tarantino
by Ghst August 17, 2004
Leaving your behind your destiny to be a pothead.
Ricky Williams smokes weed? Well no shit, look at the dreads!
by Ghst October 05, 2004
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