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A Mackie is a kind, GORGEOUS, smart, funny, silly, spontaneous, outgoing, bold, interesting girl. All the boys want her. But she needs the best boy ever, because a Mackie is the best girl you can get. If you think she's not perfect now. Oh she will become even more beautiful and downright incredible. I've known a Mackie since I was three and she still continues to amaze me. Mackies are some of the smartest and most funny people you'll ever meet, so don't listen to negative things people say about her without actually knowing her. Mackies are hard on themselves and always try to compare themselves to other people even though they have no reason to because they are perfect just the way they are and the only person they need to convince of that is themselves. Face it guys, she's a kind, flexible hottie. Duh, Keeper!
Guy 1: Man, Mackie is so smart and funny!
Guy 2: Don't forget plain GORGEOUS!!!
Guy 3: Yeah man, you are so lucky to have such an amazing girl like her!
Mackie's Boyfriend: Ehh, she's ok. I'm mean I could do way better but if I dump her she'll be heart broken.
Guy 3: Are you freaking kidding me!?!
Guy 2: You are seriously the biggest jerk in the world.
Guy 1: Do you know how lucky you are? A girl better than Mackie doesn't even exist!!!
Guy 3: There's no way you could do better than Mackie, but she sure as heck could do better than you!!!
by Bestfriends? April 14, 2013
hella tight:
dude, thats sucka -fresh homes.
dude, suck on that yummy sucka -fresh.
use sucka -fresh your own unique way.
everything can be sucka-fresh.
by BESTFRIENDS? January 12, 2010
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