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a very similar game to door knob. after someone farts, they have to say safety. if this magical word is not uttered and another person shouts 'Mackrel', then the farter must run to the sea and swim to touch a mackrel.

this word has been introduced as a replacement for door knob as the door knob game has escaladed to become too famous a game that it is no longer interesting. therefore, now if someone is unfortunate enough to be caught short and does not utter the word safety before someone says mackrel, then they are truely and utterly fucked! :D
Henry: (Parp) Ahhhhh that felt good. :)

Oli: Oh yeah??? MACKREL!!!

Henry: Oh fuck me. This isnt good.

Oli: (pound pound pound!)

Ed: hey guys what's going on?

Oli: I got Henry on Mackrel!

Ed: ...


(pound pound pound)

*10 years later*

(somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean)

Henry: I got it!!!! I touched a mackrel!!!

Oli: Well done... ^o)

Henry: (parp)

Oli: Mackrel!

Henry: Fuck!

Oli: (pound pound pound)

Henry: (bang)

Oli: Oh! he appears to have shot and killed himself... oh dear!
by Ting Tong Tinkabong August 25, 2008
A term used for talking about weed when people you don't want to hear are around
Did you pick up the mackrel yet?
I love smoked mackrel
by Anonymous March 29, 2003

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