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A slang term representing one U.S. dollar, generally used amongst fellow poker players.
That bluff just cost me three hundred mackerels.
by HammerHeads March 01, 2008
Mackerel is a common name of different fish species, mostly from the family Scombridae.
I'm not much of a mackerel snacker.

by pie master August 13, 2006
An idiot, dickhead, mug etc
How are Chelsea better than Arsenal you fuckin Mackerel.
by The Dalai Longer November 12, 2004
Some one who uses apple/ mac technology ( i-phone, mac book etc.)
'Sam is a mackerel, I'm a PC'
by Alice J May 21, 2010
Lacking physique and consisting purely of skin and bones - A mackerel has a spiny back with quite a large gut. When looking at a mackerel, people will often say ''eugh, you seen dat mackerel.''

A Mackerel has no legs or arms, but a fleshy torso. One particular type of mackerel has been spotted in and around the Weymouth area, lurking about with a salmon.
Boy: Look at that lad der

Boy 2: Dats dat lad josh

Boy: Oh yeh, stupid mackerel
by weymouthboy January 16, 2011
A state of (madness) achieved when a (scenario) pushs the boundaries of normal (humour). Mackerel Madness. An alternative approach to life, not excepting the social status quo. Unoffensive, yet inappropriate behavoir to alter generel perspective.
"That persons outfit and facial hair were Mackerel Madness"

Busking on a local bus service and jamming with the driver and passengers could be considered Mackerel Madness.
by Max Mackerel July 01, 2005

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