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A surname that has unfortunately been stolen by Americans (mainly) and used as a first name. The name really originates from Scotland. It means "son of Kenneth" when translated into English, showing how stupid Americans really can be. So your daughter/friend/cousin or whatever with the first name Mackenzie who is a girl is called son of Kenneth really. Check a name before you try to be original when naming your child especially if you know nothing about it.
MacKenzie and Mckenzie are different names too, not a different spelling of the name. Just to clarify with the world.
My name is (first name) Mackenzie.

Person 1:
My daughter is called Mackenzie.
So she is called son of Kenneth? That's just plain stupid..
by Mackenzie is not a first name February 10, 2014
Beautiful young girl, whom everyone wishes they could obtain but only the few chosen do so. Only compatible with matt's and no one else. get over it
Mackenzie jo and matthew grant forever
by mgl30 February 08, 2010
Is when someone on the internet lag out of a game
That's a mackenzie such as lagging out
by mentle January 13, 2012
A crazy psycho bitch, also known as Whale. She is someone who likes to play the victim card when everything she wants falls to pieces. She wants everyone to feel bad for her when really she's the one causing all her problems. She's jealous crazed and causes her to lose all the people that mean the most to her. she's very controlling and likes to tell everyone what to do, and if they don't do it her way, she will freakout on you like a crazy bitch. She is someone you want to stay clear from. someone who is hated by many, and loved my none. How she traps you, is inbetween her legs STAY CLEAR! she will queef on you.
H: "Dude i don't know what i was thinkin with that bitch? she's insane."
M: "Yeah, man sorry to hear you fucked a whale."
H: "Yeah, i regret it so much, she was such a damn Mackenzie."
by Speakingthetruth88 January 22, 2012
Concussed little child. Grows nasty mutton chops. Empty head mashed potato brains.
Look at how out of it he is, and his dirty mutton chops.

Yes it's mackenzie.
by fdjngbvnf sdnk grDFN November 18, 2011
An annoying, mean girl. Don't trust her. Has a thing for bugs, specifically flies.
Who's that? Oh she's a Mackenzie, don't bother.
by MinnesotaSprings May 24, 2011
A large headed mammal who has a voice like a crossdressing man, who enjoys driving mommy's Audi, having everything handed to her on a silver platter, and making cupcakes. Though she thinks getting with anything that has a dick will cover her insecurities about her five-head and the fact that she is a weakling, it only makes them more apparent. She pretends to be somewhat tough but threaten a Mackenzie and they will rollover with their tail tucked between their legs and write you long messages expressing how they "feel" (though it is proven they have no adaptation to feeling or thought) while cowering in the comfort of her designer clothes.
A Mackenzie is easily crushed.
by sheniqua3 February 27, 2011