Mackenzie is the perkiest happiest girl you will ever meet. She is kind of short, but really pretty and nice. She would never do anything to hurt anyone. If you find a Mackenzie, be her friend and always have her back because she will do the same for you.
"Do you know Mackenzie?"
"OMG YES! She's the perkiest person I know."
"Yeah, she's like santa and Disneyland surrounded by a field of flowers with bunnies while eating candy."
"She's just that perky."
by People Hater June 09, 2013
Kickass aries who has faith in a relationship with lamont
Mackenzie is a badass bitch
by fuck it May 30, 2015
Usally considered a girls name,but some

unfortinate guys havethis name as well.

For a guy definitonof Mackenzie, see; Mack
Alexander Mackenzie
Mackenzie Crook
Mackenze Astin
Mackenzie Green
by twoboy5 January 24, 2013
A very sexy girl, with a nice body, usually blonde-brunet, smart, falls in love just to get her heart broken, Albert's are good matches for her, looks good in anything pretty much, pretty, big boobs ;), would be good at sex, good at giving guys blowjobs and handjobs (so let her give you one), nobody appreciates her as much as they should, creative, seductive, gives guys boners, guys masturbate to her occasionally, saving herself for a special guy, a gamer, good in bed, dirty-minded, quiet until you get to know her, think burners are sexy,and would do anything to or for her boyfriend.
Mackenzie is the best girl in the world
by LoveLifeForever 4350 January 15, 2014
Mackenzie is very pretty and can be nice. She is sporty and loves to surf. She can also be the biggest bitch. She lets boys touch her and she has no real friends. Mackenzie can steal boyfriends and loves to make people jealous.
Wow! Who's she?

Oh, thats Mackenzie.

I should go talk to her.

Okay, she's pretty nice but she'll probably steal your boyfriend.
by flightless.bird November 17, 2014
Beautiful young girl, whom everyone wishes they could obtain but only the few chosen do so. Only compatible with matt's and no one else. get over it
Mackenzie jo and matthew grant forever
by mgl30 February 08, 2010
A surname that has unfortunately been stolen by Americans (mainly) and used as a first name. The name really originates from Scotland. It means "son of Kenneth" when translated into English, showing how stupid Americans really can be. So your daughter/friend/cousin or whatever with the first name Mackenzie who is a girl is called son of Kenneth really. Check a name before you try to be original when naming your child especially if you know nothing about it.
MacKenzie and Mckenzie are different names too, not a different spelling of the name. Just to clarify with the world.
My name is (first name) Mackenzie.

Person 1:
My daughter is called Mackenzie.
So she is called son of Kenneth? That's just plain stupid..
by Mackenzie is not a first name February 10, 2014

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