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The machinez from the matrix. Yell this when about to commit suicide, orhave nothing left to say. The great Morphues First invented the art of going crazy and yelling it, after the Machinez war ended and he became a crazy old war veteren. GG
MACHINEZ!!! !!! ??? ??? ! ???? !!!!
by The-Coach August 05, 2006
*Note: This is the REAL definition of MACHINEZ! Another user submitted this, only with exclamation points and submitted HIS NOT-SO-ACCURATE version. He ripped me off, since I started this phrase as the world's greatest joke, the joke that keeps on giving. Here is the CORRECT definition.

MACHINEZ, (noun). It is first of all, referring to the MACHINEZ from the Matrix. Morpheus spoke of these MACHINEZ in Reloaded, in his address to the people of Zion. This is what he really meant to say. "Citizens of Zion....MACHINEZ!" Well, maybe not those exact words, but you starting to get the idea, right? Makes you wonder, huh? Good! Anyways, you're probably wondering, why???? Well, to answer that question, we must look deep into the mind of Morpheus. He was always VERY worried about MACHINEZ in the three movies. So, here is the story of WHY....

After Neo finally defeated Smith, there was peace between the humans and the MACHINEZ. But Morpheus was always nervous about the MACHINEZ. He one day grew so scared he could not hold it in any longer. Thus he began his mission inside the Matrix. He had to warn everyone. Warn them of the MACHINEZ! To this day he runs around the streets of the Matrix, yelling MACHINEZ! in people's faces, then, for dramatic effect to get the attention of the person, he will commit some sort of violent suicide right after he says it. Then he randomly appears somewhere else and does it all over again.\

This should offer an explanation to anyone who's ever been MACHINEZ'd in Star Wars Galaxies or World of Warcraft. It is because Morpheus wants to warn you of the MACHINEZ!!! He can use other people to get his message across, too. So it's not always him who says it.

To conclude on this deep topic, Morpheus is crazy. But he needs your help! The time has come, citizens of Zion!! Spread the word! Yell MACHINEZ at the next person you see! Send the message across in your online game! Freak people out! Then, go stand on a building and yell it to the whole world! Don't commit suicide in real life though, leave that up to Morpheus. But you can always take it a step to far in the virtual world, right? Here's an example. Randomly in a firefight in Halo 2, kill all your team mates, then throw a grenade on the ground. Right before you die, yell MACHINEZ!!!!!!!! Or be creative! Just get the message across to the whole world!!! MACHINEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person #1: Hey man, whatcha doin?
Person #2: .......
Person #1: You alright, man?
Person #2: MACHINEZ!
by _Morpheus_ August 08, 2006

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