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Main Entry: Machine Gunner
Function: Noun

1: One that fires a machine gun.

2: A person that tends to spray things.

3: The MOS for a machine gunner in the USMC is an 0331.

4: Somebody that uses fuck loads when only a dab is needed.

5: Anybody that does not believe in precision firing.
1: When Bob was in the military, he was a machine gunner

2: Watch out when you talk to Kathy, she's a machine gunner

3: Johnny was an 0331 in the Suck!

4: Gordie squeezed the mustard bottle so hard that he shot everybody. Carson exclaimed, "Dude you're a regular machine gunner ain't ya?"

5: Johnny comes home drunk and sprays the toilet with a huge drunk piss. Joe, looking at the urine all over the floor, exclaimed, "Holy dog shit Johnny, I knew you were an 0331 machine gunner in the Corps, but don't you think that you could have at least hit the shitter?" Johnny smiles and says, "I gave it a full belt!"
by bolillo loco December 26, 2009
A fart or poo that makes a sound resembling that of a machine gun being fired.

*Featured on an episode of Beavis and Butthead.
I was sitting on the crapper and let out an awesome machine gunner! I think the guy in the stall next to me hit the deck!
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
An extremely loud, obnoxious, endless fart. Will generally end in crapping your pants.
"Dude, he shat his pants after letting out a machine-gunner!"

"That machine gunner could take out an army!"
by sueoprkajgdkl;a September 26, 2008
When you cock back your penis and and thrust forward and ejaculate on a girls face.
"Dude, I was a machine gunner last night, it was so fun!!"

by Fishdick Jesus January 16, 2014
Given to a man/woman who has the duty to pleasure two girls at once using his fingers making a machine-gun like motion whilst in the process.
WOW! that guy is a real machinegunner look at him pleasure those bitches
by Maddog August 25, 2003
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