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Main Entry: Marine Boot
Function: To make salts angry because FNGs have two left feet.

:Hazing done to boot Marines by old salts. Impossible orders are barked at boot Marines instructing said boot to turn two on a task that they have no idea how to accomplish. The old salts extract a sick pleasure out of this because they've all gone through it. Sadly, it's not understood by the public and frowned upon, but the old salts have full empathy for said boots. The salts are doing it not only to break the monotony of a dull period, but to also make the boot a better Marine. It's much like weaning a baby off the bottle. It's not cruel, it's done so as to speed the baby's progress along. It's now time to eat hard food!
Sgt. Salt: Hey boot, get up to FDC and get me a box of Grid Squares! Quick!

Boot marine: Aye Aye Sir!

Sgt. Salt: Boot get back here

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sir!

Sgt. Salt: I work for a living boot. I'm a Sgt. Don't ever call me sir again!

Boot Marine: Aye Aye sss... Aye Aye Sgt.!

Sgt. Salt: Boot, get up to TVM, and get some radial road wheels for the gun.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, take this bowl of salad up to the Motor poll. It's Q 5/10s turn to feed the Gama Goat.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

One minute later, laughter errupts from the bays of Motor T.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, get up to TVM and tell them that you need the key to the firing lock.
Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

Later in field whilst laying the gun, Sgt. Salt instructs Boot Marine to grab the aiming posts so they can lay the gun. Boot Marine refuses thinking it's another game, so Sgt. Salt tells L/Cpl. Somewhat Salty to take the Boot Marine's place. Upon seeing that it wasn't a joke, Boot Marine Feels like he's left down his battery.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, it's ok, now get over there cause we need a T, R, double E as well.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

And so on, and so on until Boot Marine becomes embittered at the world and wants to kill everything he sees!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
Main Entry: Big Country Titties
Function: Noun
Date: 1983

Size D or larger sebaceous glands that secrete milk, are situated ventrally in pairs, and terminate in super fucking huge pinky finger sized nipples.
Titty Man#1: Damn boy, would you look at the cans on that one!!!
Titty Man#2: Yea! Those sure are some Big Country Titties! I'd sure like to squeeze them together and make them fart!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
Main Entry: Saddlebag Titties
Function: Noun

When a woman with Big Country Titties takes off her bra and lies on her back, her sagging tits are pulled by gravity to either side of her torso, thus they look like a pair of saddlebags on a horse and resemble mammery glands but little.
Tit Lover#1: Dude! How'd the cans look on the one you took home last night?

Tit Lover#2: Meh, she got naked, on her back, and blamo! Saddlebag titties! After that, my wobbly bits went soft on me.

Tit Lover#1: For fucks sake man! All you had to do was cup them back into Big Country Titties with your hands fool!

Tit Lover#2: Well Shit Man Damn!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
Main Entry: Captain january
Function: Noun

1: One who brings salvation.

2: Mythical savior and universal bailout amongst Marines. First introduced to the public in the popular film Full Metal Jacket.

3: That old dude that saved Shirley Temple from not only eminent death, but also kept the truant officer from locking her up.

4: A taxi cab.
1: Born Again Christian: Are you saved Marine?

Marine: Stand fast on that shit, I'm born again hard, and I've already got Captain January!

2: Lt. Lockhart: Joker... I want you to get straight up to Phu Bai. Captain January will need all his people.

3: After watching Captain January 1936

Marine#1: Man, Captian January even saved Shirley Temple! That's one hard fucking charger!

Marine#2: You know, I often wondered what he looked like.

4: Marine: Give me a shot!

Bartender: Dude, you've had enough 100 proof.

Marine: I'm not drivin', so fire for effect!

Bartender: You're still gonna get a public drunkeness charge, so I'm not servin' you!

Marine: Don't worry about it, I'll call Captain January.

Bartender: Who?

Marine: Yellow Cab fuck tard, so give me another shot and turn fucking two!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
Main Entry: Flight Deck
Function: Noun
Date: Post Vietnam Era

The mental ward of a V.A. hosptial (usually the top floor) were vets go to get medication adjustments, escape from the world, drink coffee and smoke incessantly.

The catch phrase Flight Deck is so popular that it's even begun to spread into civilian nut huts.
1: Joe: Have you seen Harold lately?

John: He's on the flight deck.

Joe: I've wondered where he's been.

2: (Medication time is announced on the ward)

Patient#1: Medication time! Oh boy, CAT one ready to launch!!!

Patient#2: I hope it's not another FOD (Fuckin Over Dose).

Patient#3: Look at John, he's so over medicated that he's drooling and doesn't know where he is, fucking VA!

Patient#4: Yea, he's gear adrift all right.

Patient#5: says to med. nurse, "I'm refusing meds, fuck you!"

(Sound of P/A static on speakers) Med Nurse: Patient 5 has waved off, repeat, Patient 5 has waved off.
by bolillo loco December 28, 2009
1: Shit Man Damn (interjection)

Used to express a strong feeling of surprise, annoyance, or pleasure.

2: Shit Man Damn (noun)

Used to convey that something is a striking success.

3: Shit Man Damn (transitive verb)

Used to denote excitement, approval, or admiration of.
1: Upon seeing his best friend walk into the bar, Chris exclaimed, "Well Shit Man Damn!"

2: Joe: Did you get the job John? John: Shit Man Damn!

3: When I saw how big her fun bags were and how tiny her waiste was, I was Shit Man Damned!
by bolillo loco December 26, 2009
Main Entry: Base Rapping
Function: Transitive Verb
Date 2005

:To spell Base Raping incorrectly. The inteded server's rule was to convey the meaning that "No Base Raping" would be tolerated lest the offender face an instant boot and ban. The problem is that the host really spelled, "No Base Rapping" thus an astute gamer could base rape by technicality. Base raping is when one spawn camps in rear areas of the map in order to easily dispatch newly spawning enemy players whilst they are defenseless thus achieving easy kills. The geeks that misspell like this will never go to "collage..." pun intended
Dumb Geek: Dude read the rules no base rapping!
Smart Geek: I'm not base rapping n00b, I'm base raping and the rules don't say anything about that, (boom head shot - Smart Geek just pwnd dumb geek).
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009

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