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A person who is a bitch. The type of person who you hooked up back in the day, and now he comes to sponge off you.

A person who asks for stuff, but never gives back.
Dirty South Killas
by other_guy February 06, 2004
31 52
Synonym for "cool". Derived from the Oxford English Dictionary original definition of an 18th century dandy who affected mannerisms of Continental Europe.
"Stuck a feather in his (Doodle's) cap and called it macaroni."

"Man, that bitch is macaroni"

"I'm so macaroni, girls will want to pour cheese on me."
by Jay March 20, 2005
102 53
a player. a mack with the ladies.
dino 's a macaroni when it comes to pullin' the ladies.
by dino malcolm June 07, 2003
90 47
A type of pasta shaped in curved tubes, served with cheese sauce.
Ewwwww! Liver! We hate eating liver for dinner! Could we please have some macaroni and cheese instead?
by Moonraker May 17, 2004
88 47
Macaroni and cheese is fucking good shit!
Mmmmm.. I fucking love macaroni and cheese
by Papapapaul August 05, 2008
48 32
A macaroni is someone who is hard at first, but then they turn soft when the heat gets turned up.

Usually referred to as a "macaroni boy", "macaroni nigga", "macaroni punk", etc.
As soon as the going got tough, that macaroni boy got going and ditched us.
by stk_tht_cheese August 19, 2008
25 29
When you take a box of macaroni, dump all the macaroni out of it, roll the box in super glue, then run the glued box into the macoroni and fist someones asshole with the box.
Dude leave me the fuck alone or I'll macaroni you
by Nightstalker9132 September 08, 2011
10 19
The short end of a cigarette still lit. ( aka: a short )
Brosef? Let me get your macaroni before you put it out
by Mr. Feathermilk July 30, 2008
7 16