A racial slur to refer to someone from India or with Indian ancestry
Yo, those macacas just shipped in some H.
by ramesh9876 January 28, 2011
An ethnic slur popularized by George Allen and aimed at Asian-Americans. This cheap racial epithet is, as Allen would say, based on "positive and constructive ideas."

SO "Welcome to America!"

"Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia," said Senator Allen, of the only non-anglo person in the crowd watching his speech. The senator then began talking about the "war on terror."
by wtfer August 14, 2006
A word whipped up to mean some kind of racial slur by spin doctors. Looking at the creation date of all UrbanDictionary entries, you can clearly see that nobody recognized the word as a racial slur until the spin doctors made it into following an off-the cuff statement by George Allen.

What's macaca? Well, it sounds similar to macaque, which is a species of monkey, but the word "macaca" didn't exist in any language until the Democrats and their media buddies created a definition for it.
by MurielArmand July 02, 2007
A genus of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae.

However, it is also a term manufactured to be rascist by the Washington Post newspaper following an incident during the 2006 campaign when Sen. George Allen of Virginia twice referred to a political operative of Sen. Allen's opponent, Jim Webb, by the term. In actuality, the operative's name was S.R. Sidarth and is of Indian descent.
We'd like to welcome Macaca to our campaign rally. Thanks for being a good guy, Macaca.
by M. De Witt November 21, 2006
a male tight in masturbation
he is a teenager and is a macaca
by {}{} December 10, 2006
A monkey from Southeast Asia that carries the Herpes-B virus in over 90% of its population. It is also a carrier of the Simian Foamy Virus which is believed to be the originating source of HIV/AIDS.

Apparently George Allen from Virginia, a United States Senator, believed it was appropriate to equate a supporter of his opponent with this primate that may be responsible for the AIDS epidemic. It is also a very popular racial slur in countries like France where George Allen's mom is from.
"He must have Herpes and HIV since he is a Macaca. Perhaps I'll send a message to my opponent by calling his cameraboy one of these."

"Hello, I am in the Ku Klux Klan and I hate black people, or as racist bigots such as myself like to call them, Macaques."

by Juggernaut Bitch! August 18, 2006
An epithet originally used in Nevada to describe dark-skinned people, especially popular in dude ranches and white supremacist neo-conferderate circles. Popularized by Sen. George Allen (R-VA).
"As long as I have some whites, I don't need the damned Macaca vote to win." -Sen. George Allen
by Francisx August 15, 2006

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