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Saturday Night Live parody of the 80s TV show MacGyver. Like with MacGyver, the title character in this sketch uses common household items to help get out of danger, usually an impending explosion. One difference is that MacGruber needs something fairly disgusting to help carry out the task (i.e. a dog turd or human pube).

MacGruber and other characters spend so much time arguing that the room they're in explodes.
I'm not handing you that dog turd, MacGruber!

Okay, I'll get it myself.

by The Producer January 30, 2007
The act of distracting someone by: taking all your clothes off then sticking celery in between the butt cheeks while covering your genitals and waddling around like a penguin.
What the fuck?? That guy is doing the macgruber!
by NotDanielTosh October 24, 2010
Is something you scream when you've watched SNL and your in a Doctores office.
by Giggity13 May 16, 2010
A shitty movie that makes fun of the best 80s show around, MacGyver. They could have at least used a hot guy for the movie. But then, you just can't get hotter tha Richard Dean Anderson ...
That movie MacGruber was really crappy and not even funny. It would have been fine if it had stayed as a Saturday Night Live sketch. Don't see it, man, it sucks.
by dotnosedgirl January 28, 2011
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