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He is a British, spectacle wearing man who's laugh originated from a swine. A MacGregor is a wonderful man to have in your life, he will entice you with his charm and wow you with his intelligence. MacGregor's are gifted and talented in every way. Anyone would be lucky to have a MacGregor in their life. See also: Tara
Wow, that man is British and wears spectacles, he must be a MacGregor.. Lucky.
by tzizzzle January 26, 2010
A Scottish clan; Family of Rob Roy MacGregor, who was played by Liam Neeson (who is ironically Irish)in the 1994 film "Rob Roy".
"Hey, you know that movie Rob Roy"
"Yeah, it's about that cool MacGregor clan from back in the day"
by empressjojo September 11, 2008
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