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'The Highland Rogue' 18th Century Chancer Became known as a somewhat Robin Hood Type character for his daring do's and evasion of the law. Member of The Famous MacGregor Clan His nickname ie Red Robert, Raibeart Ruadh(rob roy) was due to his red hair.One of Scotlands Most Romaticised folk hero's
Some Fucker has stolen my cattle
I bet it was Rob Roy
by william the wallace March 05, 2006
A cocktail made of Scotch, bitters, and sweet vermouth. Very similar to a manhattan but made with scotch instead of rye or bourbon.
"I'll order me self a rob roy!"
by eely12310 March 07, 2015
street slang for a rim job
girl, i know we've only been dating for a few, but i'd really appreciate a rob roy *wink wink*
by domo69 December 04, 2008
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