a rapper who occasionaly apears on poor quality records. Never can be isolated on the reocrd however. tends to doss in the back of videos looking like a prick, friend of lil jon
baddas Mudda-fucka 1: yo, you heard that new cut by luda?
Bd MF 2: dat one wiv Mack 10?
Bd MF1: who?
by hippy January 17, 2005
Ingram M-10 Semi-Automatic.

Uses DOT 380 Rounds.
"That Mac-10 tore a hole through dat nigga's chest"
by sux0r August 12, 2003
One of the worst guns in CS. Has the accuracy of a pigs face
Mac-10 vs a blind goat

Outcome... blind goat wins)
by Punzz May 03, 2004
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