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When you just ate an excessive amount of McDonald's, and you feel really gross and unhealthy.
Dude are you okay? You don't look too good...
Dude, I'm having a MacAttack. Why did we even get McDonalds ew.
by danigguh August 12, 2011
3 0
Massive Assault of Content, as a verbal attack.

Noun/verb, depending on usage.

To attack one verbally with a massive assault of content that is impossibly detailed and long, with little to no provocation initiating the attack and a varying degree of relation to the initial prompt, if any. The attack will range from rambling to erudite, depending on conditions. It finds its origins in Olde English, of the carpet-bagger era, which was a system of puppet-government set up to govern colonies in the late nineteenth century. Nearly identical to at least 2 definitions of the term Matt Damon
"Brah, that definition was such a MAC-Attack"
by Mr. Notberry February 15, 2010
4 1
A spastic rage coupled with confusion while attempting to use a Microsoft product due to being accustomed to Apple products.
I had a MAC-attack today while using my PC.
by Mista Bigzzz October 19, 2010
5 3
n. When a mac user, after a relentless barrage of PC users offending his computer, goes on a violent rampage.
"Did you hear about Jim?"

"No. What happened?"

"He's dead. Tom killed him. It was a Mac Attack. Strangled him with his own fire wire."
by Last Pseudonym Available April 28, 2009
8 6
The sudden and intense craving for a Big Mac from McDonalds.
I'm having a huge Mac Attack right now.
by briren08 November 27, 2010
1 2
getting a blow job while eating a big mac
i went to mcdonalds, and ordered a big mac. a hot girl walked in while i was eating my big mac and i asked her if she'd give me a mac attack.
by pettoisbeast January 31, 2010
3 4
A name for a closet homo who trys to get it on with a straight guy after he has had a few drinks.
That dirty homo he was really blind and tried to mac attack me. Everytime that guy has a few drinks he tries to pull a d mac on me. I would try to avoid that guy i think he is in the closet he always trys to pull the guinea on me when hes pissed.
by nappy1983 May 13, 2010
1 3