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A Mac Attack is the art of getting half a dozen or more cups of (free) water from MacDonalds and going into a car at nightime with a group of friends and throwing the cups at unsuspecting people with the objective of it hitting them and soaking them in MacDonalds tap water with perhaps a few ice cubes.

A much cheaper modo-alternative to the traditional egging.
Laurence - Yo Conway you keen to do something tonight?

Conway - What you got planned?

Laurence - A Mac Attack what else

Conway - Count me and the boyz in bro'
by The OG Mac Attacker January 25, 2011
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The act of consuming considerable amounts of liquor and launching ones self onto a unsuspecting person to make out with them usually in front of a large crowd.

Slangs: Macked, Mac all night, Ronnie macked
"Yo man! catch that guy Mac attacking those chicks!"
"Bro, hes pretty much my hero"
by Lemi545 December 02, 2009
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Sudden urge to eat food from McDonald's.
"I'm having a serious Mac-attack; could you spare me a dollar so I can get some fries?"
by Exiled Josh September 07, 2005
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The compulsive consumption of 3 or more McDonalds Big Macs in one sitting.
1. I had a Macattack on the way home after the football game.

2. We went to McDonalds and Nick had a total Macattack.
by Jack Bauer. November 24, 2009
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A sudden urge to eat a McDonald's Big Mac. Satisfying too many mac attacks leads to diabetes. And the fatness.
I feel a mac attack coming on.

That fatass looks like he's had one too many mac attacks.
by mcfakey March 02, 2006
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To succumb to death from complications from pneumonia, in conjunction with an immune system disease called sarcoidosis.
guy 1: Yo, where's Reggi?

guy 2: His sarcoidosis was acting up and he got pneumonia.

guy 1: Oh man, he had a Mac Attack
by Luviticus August 13, 2008
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A mac attack is when you've eaten any regular meal at a MacDonalds restaurant. And when that meal is fully digested, ofcourse you've got to go to the toilet. Your toilet's sanitary will be severely compromised after that.
'Man I feel really really crappy after eating all that Macdonnalds food, better do a Mac Attack on the toilet'
by StbbiP May 06, 2009
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