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MaDicked Ma Dick!


Fooling someone into asking you a question to which you could reasonably reply "Ma Dick!".

(Each subsequent question must invoke more interest than the prior.)
This an example of Cracker MaDicking Beaner.

Cracker: "Bro did yo hear the new food that girls are going crazy for?"
Beaner: "Huh? No, what is it?"

Cracker: "Omg! They love it, every review was positive."
Beaner: "Wait what the fuck is it?"

Cracker: "If I tell you, you have to promise never to try it."
Beaner: "Ugh, just tell me what it is!!!!!"

Cracker: "Fine, is you really wanna know..... MA DICK!"
by Bean Cracker August 15, 2012
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