A person who watches another's myspace profile constantly, looking through their pictures, bulletins and status's hourly. They are almost always caught and the other's page.
Look at John on Tila Tequila's page again. He's totally a mystalk-er.
#stalker #weird #myspace #er #creep #obsessed
by rawrcupcake August 06, 2010
Top Definition
Verb (Mystalking).

A person who stalks an individual via the Myspace* community.

*Myspace is a popular social networking website.
I have a Mystalker. it's my ex... she's stalking me through my Myspace page.
#myspace #mystalking #mystalker #mystalked #stalker #web spy
by Seshan Moodley May 03, 2007
A person who stalks another via the networking website, Myspace. Usually by reading their comments and looking at their pictures without leaving a comment.
Oh, he is such a mystalker. He mystalked everyone he briefly met at the party.
#myspace #stalk #msytalk #mystalk #mysapce
by ridiculousteph May 24, 2008
A person you have no affilation with who finds you on myspace and messages you or requests to be your friend for any variety of reasons.
A mystalker is a random girl/guy that messages you on myspace. The message usually contains compliments. The mystalker wants to be your friend or more than a friend.
#friend #lover #stalker #stranger #crush
by FargoKeith October 28, 2008
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