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A person who returns home from school and frequently naps for several hours.
S: I'm such a Kyra
k: what?
s: You know I've just been going home after school and sleeping
k: that sounds like what i do too! I think I should call myself Kyra!
by ridiculousteph July 25, 2008
The syndrome used to describe a person who consistently makes typing errors when chatting or in emails. Fat Fingers is derived from the image that due to their large fingers, they press many letters when only intending to press one.
Steph: Hey why are you on so late?
Kyra: Oh i dunnp ahg a aprty
Steph: fat fingers much?
Kyra: sorry i meant i had a party.
by ridiculousteph May 29, 2008
A person who stalks another via the networking website, Myspace. Usually by reading their comments and looking at their pictures without leaving a comment.
Oh, he is such a mystalker. He mystalked everyone he briefly met at the party.
by ridiculousteph May 24, 2008
Nickname derived from the name Stephanie. Was formed modeling the way fob people said her name. Stiff-anie. Hence the name Stiffi was born. She is the coolest person you'll ever meet.

Many derisions followed:
and boner.
idiot: what kind of name is stiffi?
cool guy: a name for a sexy person.
idiot: how does that work?
cool guy: her real name is steph and she's hella sexy
by ridiculousteph May 29, 2008

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