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Mind Your Own Business
Damn bitch!!! Can you just MYOB for once in your life?
by TokyoWard November 05, 2013
0 1
Just mind your own damn business
Stop messin thru my papers, D. MYOB.
by asrf October 29, 2003
197 74
Mind your own business
He: is she your boy friend?
She: MYOB!
by tom cee January 17, 2008
141 40
Mind your own business
if a person keep asking too many peronal questions just say:
M Y O B. It is perfect to use in an email response.
by Atassm September 20, 2007
28 14
Acronym for "Mind Your Own Butt-Sex." To stay out of someone's personal homosexual affairs.
Guy One: "Who was dude I saw you leave with last night?"

Guy Two: "MYOBS!"
by ChibiChrissi May 17, 2006
8 4
Mine your own business, myob or m y o b
Summary of M Y O B OR MYOB Is mine your own business
by Atassm September 20, 2007
5 33
Short for "My Your Own Business"
"Don't be so curios, piss off and myob!"
by Aslan (from Hamburg, Germany) August 04, 2003
90 123