Mind your own business
He: is she your boy friend?
She: MYOB!
by tom cee January 17, 2008
Top Definition
Just mind your own damn business
Stop messin thru my papers, D. MYOB.
by asrf October 29, 2003
Mind your own business
if a person keep asking too many peronal questions just say:
M Y O B. It is perfect to use in an email response.
by Atassm September 20, 2007
Acronym for "Mind Your Own Butt-Sex." To stay out of someone's personal homosexual affairs.
Guy One: "Who was dude I saw you leave with last night?"

Guy Two: "MYOBS!"
by ChibiChrissi May 17, 2006
Mind Your Own Business
Damn bitch!!! Can you just MYOB for once in your life?
by TokyoWard November 05, 2013
Mine your own business, myob or m y o b
Summary of M Y O B OR MYOB Is mine your own business
by Atassm September 20, 2007
Short for "My Your Own Business"
"Don't be so curios, piss off and myob!"
by Aslan (from Hamburg, Germany) August 04, 2003
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