MUSE = Music Usually Sung for the Educateds

in plain words for those who first hear/come across this word - YOU ARE STILL A FOOL TILL YOU LISTEN TO MUSE!!!

upon listening to MUSE, your lives will never be the same. the music is nerve wrecking, the lyrics are thought provoking. Matt B and Co. want their fans to think critically, to challenge oneselves, to not waste our time, to give our best, to change the world, to fight for our rights, to pursue for the betterment of human beings.

MUSE is a new religion for those who worship Mat B and Co. as Gods.

MUSE is a new world order for those who relate the lyrics close to the politics at home.

MUSE for LIFE!!!
What a MUSE they are.

They ARE indeed MUSE.

That MUSE are unusually humane. wait, they cant be human right?
by MUSEworshipper March 21, 2010
A famous artistic nude model, actress, and published writer from London England, also a spokesmodel for and Nivea.
Muse: Famous artists model
by Muse Fan July 05, 2006
U=United to
S=Save the world from
E=Extremely shit music
Just cause MUSE is the best fucking band in the world
by Xx-Cydonia-xX December 03, 2010
Someone Special Who Gives You The Ability To Write Something Amazing. Music, Poetry, Stories. Its Like Someone Who Always Gives You A Spectacularly Exquisite Idea Or Feeling That Enables You To Create (Or Come Up With) A Great Thing. Its A HUUUGE Compliment.
*Girl: What Inspired you to write that song?
*Boy: You, baby.
*Girl: Aww, Really?
*Boy: Yeah, Really! Youre my Muse!
*boy and girl kiss*
by Nyra Dikeledi July 22, 2008
A rock band. Also means artistic inspiration. Also a word that describes me(pretty, sister-goddess). It's where the word "music" comes from.
1. "Muse is the awesomest band EVER!!!"

2. "Samantha was my muse for this painting"

3. "Aphrodite, you're such a muse. You're pretty, smart, artistic, and can sing so well you can make a bird jealous!"
by Aphrodite'sReincarnation September 17, 2008
the rock trio from England. people never pronounced Muse with other bands in the same breath. its simply impossible.
muse rock!! muse rule!!! long live muse!!!
by muserforever May 21, 2010
The most amazing band in the world. Compare them to Radiohead, and you will get stabbed. In the face. With a spork. It is such an insult to compare them. Muse is awesome. And amazing live.
I'd give an example, but there's really nothing comparable to the epicness that is Muse.
by I'm a butterfly February 08, 2011

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