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A famous artists model and actress from London England, also a spokesmodel for superbeauty and Nivea.
Muse: Famous Artist's Model
by Muse Fan July 15, 2006
A famous artistic nude model, actress, and published writer from London England, also a spokesmodel for superbeauty.com and Nivea.
Muse: Famous artists model
by Muse Fan July 05, 2006
Someone Special Who Gives You The Ability To Write Something Amazing. Music, Poetry, Stories. Its Like Someone Who Always Gives You A Spectacularly Exquisite Idea Or Feeling That Enables You To Create (Or Come Up With) A Great Thing. Its A HUUUGE Compliment.
*Girl: What Inspired you to write that song?
*Boy: You, baby.
*Girl: Aww, Really?
*Boy: Yeah, Really! Youre my Muse!
*boy and girl kiss*
by Nyra Dikeledi July 22, 2008
U=United to
S=Save the world from
E=Extremely shit music
Just cause MUSE is the best fucking band in the world
by Xx-Cydonia-xX December 03, 2010
A rock band. Also means artistic inspiration. Also a word that describes me(pretty, sister-goddess). It's where the word "music" comes from.
1. "Muse is the awesomest band EVER!!!"

2. "Samantha was my muse for this painting"

3. "Aphrodite, you're such a muse. You're pretty, smart, artistic, and can sing so well you can make a bird jealous!"
by Aphrodite'sReincarnation September 17, 2008
the rock trio from England. people never pronounced Muse with other bands in the same breath. its simply impossible.
muse rock!! muse rule!!! long live muse!!!
by muserforever May 21, 2010
look to any group of young artists; writers, musicians, painters etc, in our male dominated culture you will find them centered around one or the occasional few females that seem to always be the center of attention. observe the dynamic between these talented males and these special feminine figures.... essentially the group is all in rapture with the woman figure who for whatever reason may inspire great art amongst the group.
male 1-"we're having a jam session sunday night"

male 2-"ill be there, and bring the amp will you? is gloria coming?"

male 3- "i didnt think she played an instrument??"

male 1- "well no she doesnt..but shes an important part of the group, shes down to hang dude, just wait till you meet her, you'll see, shes kind of my muse honestly"

male 3- "what are her titties awesome or something?"

male 2- "dude dont say that about her!... well, yeah they are pretty fantastical"

male1- "she'll be there, shes fundamenta to the creative process, shes my musel."
by sahaynee June 02, 2010