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Being in love with someone who doesn't love you back,one of the the worst feelings ever. It may be that they don't see you in that way,the option doesn't enter their mind or that there is something stopping them from loving you. It feels like banging your head against a brick wall and never getting anywhere...
My life currently is an fine example of unrequited love...
by individualcharacter January 11, 2010
commercilized conformist music that is made to not offend anybody. It is listened to in the masses and often is unoriginal. People who don't have a clue about real music like mainstream because it is easy to listen to and it means they don't have to think and can save the effort of their braincells to think about what they should have for tea or who will be evicted from big brother.
guy: that joe mcelderry song 'the climb' is such an example of mainstream music.
girl: i know, that is why rage against the machine's 'killing in the name of' got the christmas number one.
by individualcharacter December 30, 2009
A legend of a band. They are classed as progressive rock. Music that is genius. At times they can be really hard with the guitar riffs and heavy beats but then the song will go soft and quiet and be a lot more melodic. They are described as the post-queen band and have received praise from brian may. if i was starving and had £10 left i would buy a muse cd rather than food. i am so glad i have found muse, their lyrics mean a lot to me and have helped me.
i would try and say "if you like ....... then you would like muse" but i just can't think of an example. they are totally unique in their sound, vision and musical input.
by individualcharacter December 30, 2009

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