Really the only band you need in your life.

Their music will soundtrack and heighten every emotion you've ever experienced, whilst quite literally blowing your mind, reducing you to tears, making your heart burst in sheer rapture and making you want to bow down and worship at the feet of the three virtuosically talented English musicians who created it.

Like drugs, only much better.
Muse = aural sex.
Muse = Better. Than. Sex.
by citizen e September 15, 2005
A legend of a band. They are classed as progressive rock. Music that is genius. At times they can be really hard with the guitar riffs and heavy beats but then the song will go soft and quiet and be a lot more melodic. They are described as the post-queen band and have received praise from brian may. if i was starving and had £10 left i would buy a muse cd rather than food. i am so glad i have found muse, their lyrics mean a lot to me and have helped me.
i would try and say "if you like ....... then you would like muse" but i just can't think of an example. they are totally unique in their sound, vision and musical input.
by individualcharacter December 30, 2009
An animal, or something that a artist or writer creates, and they give the artist ideas.
Torn is my writing muse.
by shadows_of_flame February 19, 2005
The most talented, adored, GORGEOUS, three piece british band you will ever hear. Led by the eternally god-like, amazing Matthew Bellamy, Muse will continue to dominate the progressive rock scene. They are all very easy on the eye, especially Bellamy, who has every woman and girl in the word dribbling with his sex face. They have made a generation.
Twilight Air Head 1: OME!!!! rpattz is teh sexxx. muse r lyk, sooo effing haaawt!

Muse Girl 1: Ugh, Robert Pattinson is a hygiene deficient gargoyle. Matthew Bellamy is god. Muse is beyond words.
by muse-girl-01 October 25, 2009
GREATEST BAND EVAAHHH! if you dont like them go burn in a hole. they are the greatest and they are freakin awesome live.
Jeff: omg did you go to the muse concert yesterday?
John: NOOOO! omg i wish i did they are the tits!
Jeff: yep so basically they are the best live band evah
John: i hate you.
by Zach Ernst April 01, 2008
1) A mythical being (usually female), or force said to inspire artists, musicians and writers.

2) To mull over thoughts.

3) A band from the UK largely considered to be one of the best bands around today, critically acclaimed for their live performances.
1) "This is such a good place to write music, I feel like there is a muse over it."

2) "I was just in the shower, taking some time to muse over my life."

3) "I was just listening to some Muse."
by Muzz February 04, 2010
A being of the heavens, often contributes something such as music, poetry, and art.

A person being described as this is often beautiful, better than most others, graceful yet somewhat powerful, a demi-god, someone people look up to, and full of emotions.
Ex - "That woman's so good at painting, she should be a muse."
by Hyleial-5ex7 December 10, 2006
MUSE = Music Usually Sung for the Educateds

in plain words for those who first hear/come across this word - YOU ARE STILL A FOOL TILL YOU LISTEN TO MUSE!!!

upon listening to MUSE, your lives will never be the same. the music is nerve wrecking, the lyrics are thought provoking. Matt B and Co. want their fans to think critically, to challenge oneselves, to not waste our time, to give our best, to change the world, to fight for our rights, to pursue for the betterment of human beings.

MUSE is a new religion for those who worship Mat B and Co. as Gods.

MUSE is a new world order for those who relate the lyrics close to the politics at home.

MUSE for LIFE!!!
What a MUSE they are.

They ARE indeed MUSE.

That MUSE are unusually humane. wait, they cant be human right?
by MUSEworshipper March 21, 2010

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