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The Greatest Metal Storm player of all time.

Has more kills then all you fools.
A unstoppable train of Murder.

Also a song by the greatest band of all time "Dethklok".
Damn! was going 4 Skull hits but i keep getting killed by the MURDERTRAIN
by Thomas Wartooth March 04, 2011
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The act of having group sex with a girl who is on her period.
My friends and I hopped aboard the murder train last night. That girl left some blood on all of us.
by Mattie2000 January 07, 2012
A sexual manuver so risky, one could say it is personal murder or castration. It is when you partake in anal sex and shove both shaft and testicles in your partners anus. WARNING: COULD LEAD TO TESTICULAR RUPTURE
1)Jeremy and Patty were engaged in anal sex. Jeremy said, "Look out dear! Murdertrain 's a'coming." Then I fucked your mom.

2) Did you hear? Jeremy popped his balls doing the murdertrain!
by BowWowBigDick July 14, 2008

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