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Having hair around the vaginal area.
Random Guy 1:Yea man, it was gross... she had a huge muffstache.

Random Guy 2:Well she obviously didn't get the memo.... its shaved, Not paved.
by Jagged Edge June 26, 2007
16 24
When a guy is eating out his lady counterpart's muff - typically one who is not completely shaved - which would give the strongest visual image of the word's description.
"Last night I got my muffstache on with your sister."
by redcore September 07, 2007
3 22
A sexual manuever where the man squeezes his load on the upper lip of another man (thus creating a stache of muff), usually in the hot months of summer.
Last night I gave colin a drippy muffstache
by Con-are-tist April 16, 2006
2 40