A shitty TV program that took their 2 only decent programs off their channel which were Beavis and Butthead and Jackass.
MTV is shit.
by psycho bitch April 03, 2004
This network should just call itself RTV, or Reality Television because that's all they ever show these days. They even had some crap reality show by Bluff..er..Puff Daddy called "Making of the Band". And I saw NOT ONE FUCKING BAND. Just a bunch of ghetto black guys fighting amongst themselves and speaking like they dropped out of Sixth Grade.
At least they have that Snoop Dogg show which is alright, but I really want to see more REAL MUSIC just like back in the good old days.
by dissapointed July 10, 2003
Evil.Way worse for the country than pot could ever be.
The little kids watched Mtv and started fuckin too young and ended up at the RAVE party,had group sex,and OD'd on a coctail of some really fucked up gay drugs like Ecstasy,Ketamine,GHB etc.
Since nearly 50 people have already said the things I would say about MTV (its really really gay), I'll just make a few other comments....

Do you notice how all the people here who have praised MTV have misspelled nearly every word in their entry? They're nothing but a bunch of hip-hop, pop culture retards who have been brainwashed by today's society.
And yes, MTV DOES have its share of good shows, like Beavis and Butthead and even Jackass... BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! THOSE SHOWS DO *NOT* BELONG ON MTV!!!!! THEY BELONG ON SOMETHING LIKE COMEDY CENTRAL!!!!

So please! Stop using those shows as a reason to give good marks to MTV...they don't count!!!!
by Flint October 31, 2003
sigh... i hate mtv. Music Television...BULLSHIT! It should be called: Cable Channel Now Dedicated To Whiny 20 Year Old Bitches Living In A Huge Fuckin' Mansion. They used to be great, but unfortunately, I was young when that channel was great. Example:
1994: MTV Unplugged In New York, One of Nirvana's last concerts.
A history of MTV: 80's=Low Budget music videos of good songs.
Early 90's: Brief period of time when MTV played MUSIC!
Late 90's: The beginning of the end, as TRL is introduced.
New Millenium: Overcommercialized, rap ruled crap channel that annoying bitches watch.
by TruthSpeaker July 19, 2004
Basically,a porn starter kit for kids brought to you by a gigantic fucking corporation because: addicted kids = hooked consumers.

see evil
Mtv doesn't give a fuck about kids or music.See shitty fucking channel.
by corporate buttrape July 04, 2004
A channel devoted to reality programming and catering to its youth infested demographic.
I don't want my MTV. I'd rather have AIDS.
by Duke July 09, 2003
One of the worst music channels around (besides B.E.T.).
What ever happened to all the good music, you bastards?!? Its a good thing we still have a good music channel left....like Fuse.
by I forget January 08, 2004
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