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1)stands for Mind the spelling, it is put in front of a word that was incorrectly spelled.
-Also serves as a way to tell the reader not to comment on the word.
guy1: hey, considently(mts) I'm a smart ass

guy2: if you're so smart why did u spell coincidentally incorrectly

guy1: I put mts so it atoumatcally(mts) becomes right, take that dumbass.

by Deejayy811 August 19, 2009
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Mental Typing Syndrome, When someone repeatedly makes spelling errors while on Instant Messenger on accident.

Gerardo:I meant confused whats with me today?
Jasmine:MTS, Mental Typing Syndrome.
Gerardo:Ohh, Fuck No!
by pimpshit. June 24, 2010
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Masturbate, Turkey Sandwich, Sleep. The act of jacking-off just before bed, eating a turkey sandwich and then going to sleep.
Dude 1: "Man I'm so horny but I'm kinda hungry and tired"
Dude 2: "You should MTS"
Dude 1: "Why didn't I think of that? I love turkey!"
by Stuart3333 September 19, 2010
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When a girl's pants are too tight and her fat rolls over the top-like a muffin
Roni: OMG look at her MTS it's like making me sick
Courtney: Ish, she should get larger pants
by <3 Roni May 16, 2008
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Acronym standing for "Make Them Suffer".

A hardcore crew primarily based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but with branches around the east coast. As of today, MTS is broken up due to run-ins with the law, and violent fueds with other major hardcore crews.

Do not fight with an ex-member of MTS, they still have street credit with a rough crowd.
The hardcore scene in Jacksonville as well as everything else is ran by these dudes I saw at a show last night- MTS.
by platypuss June 23, 2006
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Money to spend. Significantly characterized by a person or persons who has nothing to do but spend ridiculous amounts of money. Not necessarily in the ultra-rich Paris Hilton super star manner. More specifically the: upper middle class, lives in the suburbs, more than 4 flat screen tv's in the house, cars that cost more than $50,000, wife buys children clothes and accessories from juicy coture, manner.

Must be nice!!
Normal person: Hi MTS friend, I just got home from work. What did you do all day?
MTS person: Work? what's that? Well, today I went to the gym for pilates, went to the spa for my nail and facial treatment, stopped at home to make sure the nanny wasn't letting the kids watch tv all day, met (name random mts friend here) for lunch at Cheesecake factory, and then went to Nordstroms to pick up a tie and some new socks for my husband!"
by Kaybs July 15, 2008
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Message Too Short

Usually, this term is made for posting in the forum, and it has character limits, from 10 letters to 2000 or so; if you write 4 characters to reply, it will disallow you to post because message is too short. So you just add "mts" after your message.
lol mts mts
nice /mts
cool mts
by White Girl from R-S/CZ/PR/FFX October 12, 2009
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