a juggalo killer... born with a hatch3t and a juggalo face... ph33r Dat!
Twiztid serial killing juggalo for life
by pimpX December 21, 2003
Top Definition
Magical Tea Party - a slightly derogatory term used in roleplaying system design (mostly on The Gaming Den) that refers to a freeform style of RP. Events and outcomes of the players' actions are determined by DM fiat rather than by a character's skill or chance of success.
DM: So as the DM, I decide everything that happens. There will be no dice rolling. What I say goes, and you can react however you like. What happens due to your reaction though is completely at my whim as well.

Player: So... it's basically MTP?
by GhostwheelZ December 29, 2011
Mop Top Poser.
Lad with long hair walks around like theyre untouchable. usually surfers/scene kid.
"That kid peran is a proper MTP!"
by *CharmZ* March 06, 2009
Stands for "Mouth To Penis"

--Used on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
"That man forced the girl to perform MTP on him."
by emilysmells October 14, 2007
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