Men who have sex with men; an abbreviation initially used for classification purposes.
AIDS is no longer only an MSM problem.
by Ted Gellar March 14, 2005
Top Definition
"mainstream media", major TV networks and large newspapers.
Blogs are eating into MSM eyeball share.
by MiF September 19, 2004
Abbreviation for "mainstream media". No matter who you are, they're not on your side.
"Hey, Republican friend, did you see that news story on Bush?"
"Yeah, the MSM is so biased."

"Hey, Democrat friend, did you see that news story on Bush?"
"Yeah, the MSM is so biased."
by Bamos June 27, 2007
An acronym referring to the mainstream media
The 'MSM' is pretty much everything but the blogosphere.
by William Stickers April 14, 2008
Mass Stupidity Media: the network of news, opinion and entertainment outlets from which most people acquire information about the world around them. So named because its once-vital role in keeping people constructively aware of civic matters important to their future, has been abdicated in favor of gossip, celebrity-fawning and misinformation.
"More people know about Miley Cyrus' tattoos or what name Sean Combs is going by this week, than have any clue who their own Senators or Congressman are, or how the government is supposed to operate -- and the MSM like it that way."
by Caomhainn April 10, 2014
Men who have sex with men. Used to include those who engage in homosexual behavior, but do not identify as gay.
The CDC is doing a study on sexual practices among MSM.
by dny December 02, 2004
MSMS is Music Soul Mate Sisters. A msms is som1 who is usually 1 of ur best friends. they know and love all the music or almost all the music u do. msm is a music soul mate and they r usually som1 u wouldnt mind dating and they also hav they same taste in music as u. A msms is a friend 4 life.
Cidny 2 Cathy "Tina and Nikki have identical i-pods!"
Tina and Nikki at the same time "well duh we're MSMS"
by nikkimarie13179 December 22, 2009
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