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Abbreviation for My Shit is Laughing.
"did you see that new comedy film?" -Person 1
"MSL yes, it was so funny"-Person 2
by pickleshake June 23, 2010
mSL is an acronym for mIRC Scripting Language. This is the scripting used in the populare irc chat client for windows, mIRC.
<Person1> Wow dude, how did you reply so fast?
<Person2> I have an auto reply script a friend wrote using mSL
by Clorith September 01, 2006
Muff sucking lips, not to be confused with dick sucking lips or DSLs. Usually worn by men or manly-looking women, rarely glossy.
That girl that was hitting me at the gay bar had some serious MSLs.
by Bishywishy October 18, 2010
a user that has an attitude and doesnt give a fuck, no remorse
Guy 1: yo dawg lets punk these bustas
Guy 2: yea G lets go MSL on their punk asses
by random user April 16, 2005
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