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Abbreviation for My Shit is Laughing.
"did you see that new comedy film?" -Person 1
"MSL yes, it was so funny"-Person 2
by pickleshake June 23, 2010
a Toyota Camry thats been infected with kimchi.
"dude! your car smells like death" - Tim
"yeah, thats the camrizzle" -Jake
by pickleshake June 28, 2010
The feeling you get on the ride home after eating Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster.
"oh shit, i have creamy shrimp ass, i better get to a toilet soon. Damn you Red Lobster!!!"
by pickleshake April 24, 2010
1) To be extreamly cool; awesome.
2) the new "totally tits"
3) righteous!!!
"hey man, did you hear that new cd? its totally batman!"
by pickleshake December 02, 2009
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