Combining the spray of a shotgun with the automatic firing capability of a machine gun.

This MSG would kill the Matrix.
by UrbanEdd October 11, 2008
A natural, that's right, NATURAL ingredient in some foods. The glutamate ion is a form of a widespread, naturally occurring amino acid. Some naturally occurring instances include tomatoes, parmesan cheese, peas, corn and most meat. Too much MSG will cause people to become hungry more often, and that is the Chinese restaurant's fault.
MSG will raise your blood pressure and (very rarely) cause epileptic seizures. But it still tastes good.
by The Mr Needles Experience September 25, 2007
A preservative sometimes used in frozen food, particularly western-style Chinese cuisine.
Can cause headaches or other symptoms in some consumers.
I only eat Chinese food fresh at restaurants, because the MSG in the frozen meals makes my head throb all night.
by Nat Rator June 18, 2004
'My Summer Guy' - from the retarded show "Royal Pains"
you're an msg. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the way they say it on the show.
by RoyalPains Sucks July 29, 2009
MSG stands for Marine Security Guard, the world's best trained and most disciplined guard force of United States Marines, In every clime and place.
The MSG stood his post at the embassy.
by David T August 16, 2005
Local Long Island gang.MSG stands for
Mob Squad Gangstas.Gang was known to be started in the William Floyd School district then spread throughout the streets of Ny
Fighting , stealing ,and just holding shit down
by G March 10, 2005
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