Refers to meatspin, a popular shock site.
"Have you seen MS?"
"Yeah dude, it was sick!"
"Damn straight."
by Chuchulanquito November 23, 2008
Short for a really cool game called Maple Story. It is a 2D side scrolling MMORPG!
MS is such a leet game man!
Dude! I'm level 80 in Maple Story now! I'll hook you up with a few icicles!
by Andy January 27, 2005
Morning Stiffness. The boner you get when you wake up
"Honey Get down here for breakfast"

"Wait a couple minutes mom, i have MS!"
by CaptainCanuck July 06, 2004
Short for MacroSloth - Because there is nothing small or gentle about this Redmond company...
LoseDoz just crashed on me, I've been MS'd again...
by Nicholas Gimbrone November 05, 2003
m s
when u fart out of your pee hole
man i just m s'd and it hurt like fuck
by dice October 14, 2003
Abbreviation for Mighty Satan AKA Bill Gates' Micro$oft. Used to refer to shitty software. Can be used as a derrogotory term. See examble below.
Dude, you just got MS'd!
by Kyle December 23, 2003
an abrivation for myspace
"So i met the cutest boy on ms. we have the same jeans and he also is depressed about everything like i am. we talked all night long"
by .•°AManDA°•. October 01, 2005
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