Abbreviation of the forum located at
A site originally created in 2002 for people suffering from Eating Disorders. The forum moved to it's current host in July, 2006.
Formerly known as RGP - Ruby's Gloomy Place
"I love all of the support I get from the members of MS."
by EmeraldClaire September 24, 2007
Quite simply: Master Shake, One of the four main characters on the show aqua teen hunger force or ATHF.
The best example I can think of for master shake is "MS is hella tight, but damn he can't play guitar for shit!"
by pearbian April 22, 2007
As another acronym used in CV's or résumés within the personal details, meaning "marital status".
Name: Johnny
Surname: B.Goode
DOB: --honestly I dunno, ask Chuck Berry--
MS: single --I presume remains so
by Johny D. September 17, 2007
Massive Shit

Large amounts of anal excrete
Dude I need to take a MS
by Fuckshoes May 07, 2007
A warning for a friend when they are doing something dodgy and there is someone you dont want to know what you are doing aproaching. Used around North Shore of Sydney.
Simply said as "MS". ie. MS cops, or just MS.
by GroverMan October 28, 2006
An abbreviation for "Mistress" common to chat rooms with a BDSM theme
Yes, Ms Jessica, i am back with the rubber bands and the Crisco. What shall i do now?
by Le Marteau July 07, 2009
Monkey Scrotum when your scrotum is the same as a monkeys
OMG get your ms out of my mouth
by LuminousWedgie March 08, 2007
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