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The Act Of being a Short Asshole, and picking on the taller students, Because you are insecure about your height.
Stop being such a Mr. B you midget
by Take ya orda Prease October 04, 2011
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Stands for: Men-Are-Bastards

A mindset in which a female or male temporarily or permantely believes that all members of the male gender are bastards, often due to a viscious break-up or negative relationship.
Jen was cheated on so now she's in a MRB mindset.
by CheeseCookies September 11, 2009
Noun, Person.

-Formely long haired individual with slight Neo-Nazi based tendencies. Has an incredibly complex outlook on life, although sometimes somewhat dark and demented, he does have a sunny disposition. Philosophical, warrior-like, protective, and trustworthy to the grave.

-Also adept at several different forms of science resulting in mixed results that range from crotch burns and other bodily injuries to jail time, as well as adept at several different types of firearms handling.

-Noticable in public due to the iconic cigar and bulge in back pocket which is a flask.
Mr. B. once downed 2 bottles of Captain Morgan, 3 beers, and a large amount of Bacardi belongin to a friend, fell unconcious for 10-15 minutes, and awoke to due nuclear physics, resulting in a nuclear device."
by The One, The True, Mr. B. April 04, 2009
Mega Raging Boner, referring to yourself
Well i have a MRG baby!
by Manny Fresh June 26, 2005
Code word for getting a blumpkin. " Meeting Mr. B" is a way to talk about blumpkins around people and have them not know what you're saying. Especially with mixed company.
"Hey man, have you met Mr.B with your girlfriend yet?"

"I really want to meet Mr.B, I hear he's a nice guy."
by Matty Skray May 16, 2007

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