Pronounced "more" as opposed to "mower" it was a native, flightless New Zealand bird.
Now extinct (for a couple of hundred years), the 10 various species were eaten to extinction by the early Maori people.
To give an idea of the size of the moa, picture the smallest species being the size of a turkey, and the largest being the size of Big Bird from Sesame Street.
The Moa traditionally lived in the forest and Moa bones can still be found in caves and swamps throughout New Zealand.
Look at that drumstick! Must've come from a Moa!
#maori #new zealand #birds #native #flightless
by Te Tangata Nui April 27, 2006
The acronym for Mall Of America, pronounced em-oh-aye.
Hey Brittany, you want to go to the MOA this weekend and make fun of the stupid preps and their two story Old Navy?
by Jess Fishy June 20, 2005
New age slang term deriving in Hawai'i referring to homosexual females. Same connotation as mahu but for females, deriving from a play on an English term.

Utilized by the younger generation.
"Try look all the Moa's!"
"Get choke moa's tonight!"
#moa #mahu #slang #hawaii #pidgin
by Mahealani May 04, 2008
A large, strong, sexually attractive woman. A big bird* (see definition for bird)
I was at the gym the other day and there was a blonde moa doing squats.
#fbb #strong women #muscle women #athletic women #body builders
by Kukukuchu March 12, 2009
da freshest most tuff dude in da DMV go go scene. a well known go go enthusiast who fits in well despite racial limitations. he is well know for his impeccable style, often seen rockin gucci and armani
eric: slim did you see that dude choppin hard as shit last night to TOB?

j: yeah dat was my boy MOA!!!!!
#gucci #armani #fresh #clean #nike
by stags08 July 05, 2009
short for MAKE OUT ALLEY!!! yea.
its a special word that i made up with all my homies at WP!!! whoop!
Yo, home dawg! Lets go see whos in moa!
by Amanda January 30, 2004
yes the definition before this is correct but i made another defintion.
it is wen the 8th grade boys like to "get it on" with the 8th grade girls from sc in the moa.
whoa!nick and nicole are in the moa! gross!
by marzipan February 02, 2004
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