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"Makes Me Think."
based on a website which is similar to FML.
EX 1) Today, I ran into a guy I used to tease and pick on in high school. I ran into him at a job interview. He was the interviewer. MMT.

EX 2) Today, I saw a well-groomed woman at the grocery store pull food stamps out of her Louis Vuitton purse while using her fake, salon-styled nails to text on her BlackBerry. MMT
by mmu August 19, 2009
Short-hand for the Beatles movie Magical Mystery Tour. Used mainly by the new wave of extremist Beatle fans.
"I just found MMT at Blockbuster yesterday!"
by My love October 02, 2005
1. The act of Party A deferring an action to Party B, then proceeding to pressure Party B till the action is completed, when Party A has every ability, means and time to complete the task, but chooses to defer in an attempt at one-up-manship.

Note: Some linguist state a claim for an advanced form of MMTing emerging:
1a. The act of Party A promising an action to Party B, then deferring the action to Party C, then pressuring Party D to have Party C complete the task in a timely manner.
Jack: Our Client, ABC Co., requires Eric's phone number, and they've been waiting for a few days. Would you give it to them?
John: Don't MMT me bro.
by blackbeard45 June 12, 2008
Monkey Man's Team
MMT http://xcrazimpotent.blogspot.com/

by Blogger_real March 25, 2009